How Our Warming Ocean Is Altering Fisheries


Our understanding of how climate change in the oceans affects fish populations is advancing rapidly, thanks to research that answers important questions and provides a clearer picture of how ocean ecosystems are transforming. For example, scientists announced this fall that over the past decade, the Gulf of Maine has warmed 99 percent faster than waters anywhere else on Earth. They also showed that the more quickly the climate shifts, the faster commercial fishing can drive a species to the brink of extinction.


One thought on “How Our Warming Ocean Is Altering Fisheries

  1. Pew, EDF and the rest of the Walmart do-gooders pushed sector management down everyone’s throat because they knew what’s best. No, all of the responsible small-scale fishermen are out of a job. The fish are gone because sector management allowed the large scale draggers to buy up all the quota in the gulf of maine and, with no daily landing restrictions or base-line leasing restrictions, wipe out the fish. Now that the damage is done, Pew and the rest of the shit-heads need a scape-goat. Traditionally that has just been the fishermen…done and done. But with sector management putting 80% of the fleet out of business, well…global warming! Foolish. And, while I know that this will never see the light of day, you guys at m.c. influence a lot of well intentioned fishermen…don’t just gobble up everything you read as fact because it came off a fancy website.

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