How Much Longer Do We Have the Rivers of the Olympic Peninsula?

Rich Simms and Greg Fitz from the Wild Steelhead Coalition authored this piece on additional angling pressure on the Olympic Peninsula due to fishing closures. More closures mean more pressure on an already stressed resource. It’s as simple as that. 

Every factor accumulates and has an effect, especially when run numbers have shrunk to such low numbers and barely any fish can be spared. We need the wild steelhead that do return to spawn successfully and rebuild their populations utilizing the quality, and protected, habitat that remains on the OP.

As steelheaders, we should be honest with ourselves. The downward trajectory has to change. Because we love these rivers and fish, and we want to keep fishing, we must lead the charge to limit our impact and restore steelhead runs before they are lost entirely.

LINK (via: Steelheader’s Journal)

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