How I Tie The Kreelex the Flashiest Fly on the Water

Alvin D serves up another solid simple pattern.

The Kreelex is a great easy to tie fly that catches many different fish. From trout to bass to carp and redfish, just about any fish that will eat a streamer will eat the Kreelex fly. On top of that, the Kreelex is a very easy fly to tie with only a few materials needed.

One thought on “How I Tie The Kreelex the Flashiest Fly on the Water

  1. Tonight, greatly moved, indeed possibly even massively inspired by Alvin, I not only tied a #22 Parachute Emerger (Per)version of the K-Pop Creecher above but also emailed a highly dangerous Third Columnist I still know in London’s (“Don’t ask…” – they did me, once, in old-style, tap on the shoulder / fish with Us, kneecap you if you don’t, Society of Jesuits -style, but, naturally, I simply had to refuse … got out long before I had to very publicly resign, Groucho-style) Flyfishers’ Club, with this: “Pssst. Houghton Club and lesser other aspirational “I believe I’ve arrived” (you never started out, sonny) similar’s hot new Chalkstream pattern for 2021. Tell nobody. Not even you Lady Wife. Believe that I have managed to make this email both Official English Angling Mafia- and MI5/6-proof, so do feel free to get your ‘Little Man I Know’ Dresser to do a few dozen for you. Boote out.”

    You didn’t see this.

    Boote out.

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