House Bill Proposes Repeal Of Pittman-Robertson Act

Image by Karsten Madsen from Pixabay

Now would be a good time to send a note to your House Rep saying that you oppose this legislation, especially if you live in one of these districts. Now would also be a good time for the angling community to say they oppose this legislation.

The landmark Pittman-Robertson Act is considered by many conservation organizations to be a “wildly successful” method of funding wildlife habitat management. It requires those who purchase guns, ammunition, and fishing equipment to pay excise taxes on this gear.

Now, a proposed bill, H.R. 8167, led by Congressman Andrew Clyde (R-GA), aims to undo this funding source that has effectively shepherded wildlife refuges and other public lands through nearly a century of conservation.

John Gale, Conservation Director for Backcountry Hunters & Anglers, had this to say:

This bill is not only offensive to conservation-minded companies in the hunting and shooting sports industry that oppose such a careless waste of time in Congress, it’s an affront to hunters and recreational shooters that proudly support the legacy of Pittman-Robertson — legislation that the hunting community and gun industry leaders advocated for in the first place to give back to the wildlife resources that are the foundation of our cherished outdoor traditions.

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3 thoughts on “House Bill Proposes Repeal Of Pittman-Robertson Act

  1. According to liberals, guns are bad. Really bad. Even if the salmon must die, we must still get rid of guns.

  2. I’ve literally never met anyone who was against P-R act, and some of those folks spend pretty penny on gear and ammo every year. Hell, it even endorsed as a good thing to do by both business owners and consumers.

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