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A public service announcement from the crew at Hooké.

Like everyone who loves to travel across the world discover new places and fish new water this year has been a hard one. Due to travel restrictions, booking services, fly shops, lodge owners, and individual guides reported canceled trips, reduced business, and for some the near-total loss of the 2020 fishing season. Even so, everyone we spoke with remains optimistic about the future just like us here at Hooké.

High five to everyone out there in the travel business let’s hope everything gets back to normal so we can live these great adventures again. Enjoy your weekend and stay tuned for some updates on our 2021 hosted trips. Here’s a short clip that brings us back to some epic adventures.

3 thoughts on “Hooké Travel

  1. 34 seconds in…huh??? … my word, that looks so like the High Bank Pool on the Argentine Rio Grande a shortish distance downstream from the Chilean border….

    If it is….well, let’s just say that not only the pool itself (below the camera’s high bank vantage-point) but the often walked-past and unfished run above it, all the way up to the entering “slough” in the distance (plus the water upstream of the bend where it enters), fished VERY carefully (no beach-crunching, no wading, no standing there waving a rod around sky-lining) from both banks, with a floating line and a very sparse not very large low-water hooked fly, on a dull, warm, not too gale-blown day or in the early evening through to the early, leave the river by fishery law, dark…..

    My word, IF it is High Bank that I have in mind, then cue the following (plus a 23-pound head-and-tailer on 9ft 7-weight):


  2. When I hear about fly fishing travel restrictions I think about what a great year all the local anglers in Canada and elsewhere must be having. Good on them.

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