7 thoughts on “Is hook-free fly-fishing the next big thing?

  1. To me its a two part experience . 1. enticing the fish to take, by choose the right spot, fly, reading the river etc. 2. having the skill to be able to land the fish. The most exciting part is the take and the fight. I wouldn’t even bother fly fishing without a hook.

  2. Yup. Such squeaky clean, I accept no personal blame – E-e–e-u-w! ME hooking poor little fish? Yuk! – stuff could very well herald the end of Angling. I might return all of the fish I catch, but I still HUNT them – physically, mentally, relentlessly. Take the now much-suppressed old “blood lust” completely out of fishing and what do you have left? Not much and few new recruits who will get very far beyond the end of their first, elegant lifestyling, “creative” fishing season.

  3. The proponents of this idiosy are part of a larger and insidious
    effort to modify human nature into
    a form of which they approve. They
    would take basic human nature out
    of the human being and replace it
    with something resembling the herd-
    like and complacent grazers referred
    to as the “Eloi”, docile descendants
    of humans in H. G. Wells book,
    The Time Machine. Fishing is and
    always has been a Blood Sport.
    Those who wish to pervert it into
    this unrecognizable form should find
    another pursuit and chew their cud
    somewhere else. Leave the fishing
    to those who like to fish.

  4. I have been considering this as a possible loophole in fly fishing in waters where getting licenses require crazy hurdles, patience, web application forms that do not work well and possibly language barriers. I have experienced them all and it annoys the hell out of me when all I want to do is pass some time and wet a line.

  5. Has science go to far? Come on, the fight is at least 50% of the fun if not more. Maybe go hook-less for little tiny brooks your just trying to fool but jheez that’s a little fare.

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