One thought on “Hobo Steve Shares His Fly Fishing Money Saving Techniques

  1. Skipped though the above and saw that Steve whilst did the time-honoured street-begging thing for a Save My Life Sage / Winston / prime week on the Norwegian Alta etc, but may have missed the obvious one – Crowdfunding.- you know the ones, Kickstarter, GoFundme, Patreon etc.

    Always delights me to see some of the more ambitious – “WHAT are you ON?” – pitches for Pounds and Dollars on those pages, when an old pal, who has something of an obsession with con artists and artistes, extremely iffy, sometimes fishy Charities, Influencers and the shameless scrounger like, sends the latest best-worst examples of them to me. The old Wizard of Oz behind his green curtain had nothing on some of today’s operators.

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