High Recreational Landings Threaten Striped Bass Rebuilding

An update from Charlie Witek on the recent Striped Bass Technical Committee meeting.

Last November, a stock assessment update revealed that if fishing mortality did not exceed 2021 levels, there was a 78.6% chance that the striped bass stock would fully rebuild by 2029.

Unfortunately, last year’s big spike in recreational landings has completely changed the rebuilding outlook. In 2022, the removal of striped bass from the population increased by 33.5% compared to 2021.

The bad news is that, as one might expect from such a fishing mortality rate, it is doubtful that the stock will fully rebuild…ever. Or, at least, not until the fishing mortality rate is reduced to a more appropriate level.

LINK (via One Angler’s Voyage)

You can hear more regarding the committee meeting on The Guidepost, the American Saltwater Guides Association podcast. 

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