High Country Gems

This unplanned collaborative effort between John Arnold and Bozeman, MT based photographer Pat Clayton fisheyeguyphotography.com took place on a recent hiking trip in the Greater Yellowstone region. John and Pat brought fishing gear, but never made a cast. Instead they spent a couple of days watching this incredible spawning ritual.

After a full day of shooting above water stills, John decided to capture some above-water video to go along with Pat’s underwater images. Pat’s underwater trout photos are superb. These Cutthroat Trout were in the peak of the spawn, bold and showing all their colors. Pat has a deep appreciation for native species and the fragile environments they inhabit, as does John. Wild Cutthroat face a never-ending threat from competing species, hybridization, habitat loss and destruction, and climate change.

Unfortunately, there’s just not many places left like this.


To see more underwater still images visit Pat’s website or Facebook page.

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