High Country Cutthroat By Todd Moen

This Catch Magazine production features Heather Hodson as she wades her favorite home waters in search of cutthroat trout and solitude. My day filming with Heather took us along some beautiful stretches of water during perfect summer conditions. Insect hatches, clear skies and warm temps made this an enjoyable and ideal filming adventure. Heather founded an interactive community based website for anglers called United Women on the Fly in 2016. “I’ve been fly fishing since 2008 and am by no means an expert. But I am very passionate about the sport and want to share that with other women,” Heather says. Heather currently holds the position of Western US Women’s/Diversity Ambassador for Trout Unlimited. Her passion for conservation, getting women involved in fly fishing and enthusiasm to think outside the box is infectious. http://www.unitedwomenonthefly.com

One thought on “High Country Cutthroat By Todd Moen

  1. Wonderful stuff – location, bright waters river, sparky little eyes-bigger-than-their-bellies fish and woman-fisher subject. Particularly the latter’s “It took me a year to catch my first fish here…” (or similar).

    How it should be.

    No instant, bought-in, easy shortcuts….

    …. so a Proper Angler.

    Lovely little film. Thanks.

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