Hearts Like the Mountains by David James Duncan

This essay by David James Duncan is adapted from the author’s talk to representatives of 15 Native American Tribes and First Nations at “One River, Ethics Matter – the 5th annual international ethics conference on the past and future of the Columbia River” in Missoula, MT on May 11th, 2018. As Canada and the United States began negotiations on a new Columbia River Treaty, Tribes and First Nations were excluded from participation.

“I have a friend, a fine old poet named Tom Crawford, who has reminded me of wild Columbia and Snake River salmon these past months because Tom too is now lying close to extinction’s door. Endangered in several ways, he drifts in and out in the way our last few wild salmon and steelhead drift in and out. That shared tenuousness, Tom’s and salmon’s, make both more precious to me.”

LINK (via: Columbia Rediviva)

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