One thought on “Hardy Celebrating 150 Years of Fly Fishing

  1. Always nice to hear the scream of an old salmon Perfect fly reel’s check, the sound of my late teens to mid-late thirties when we Brits still had plenty of salmon in even our lesser-known, non “Classic”, second string rivers and didn’t have to bankcrupt ourselves to get a rod on the Tweed, Spey or very well heeled dead Gentleman’s shoes-only Helmsdale, or fly the world and spend the Annual Gross Naional Product of a small African country to fish for the last runs as we have to now (but not me , over the past 25 years, as all that feelgood frequent flyer stuff, I felt, in the late 1990s, was a major reason for the Atlantic salmon’s and other migratory salmonids’ long slow goodbye then sudden crash going in the first place). I still have a few bits and bobs of old, formerly much-used of Hardy gear about the place – a few fine old Alnwich factory-made reels and a couple of the firm’s better early-ish graphites each with s few thousand trout and grayling to their name – I’ll stick my head into a cupboard here and wish them a Happy 150th now.

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