Hard Lined

Every year, a migration of epic proportions takes place along the Eastern Seaboard of America. From the Carolinas to Canada, anglers flock to the rocky coastlines, estuaries, rivers, and inshore waters to target one of America’s most iconic gamefish- the Striped Bass. Despite its popularity and significance to the coastal communities in the Northeast, the fishery is once again in major jeopardy. The last time this happened, we witnessed one of the greatest conservation success stories of all time, restoring the stock to astronomical numbers. Today, the question on everyone’s mind- can we do it again?

Visit the American Saltwater Guides Association to learn more about striped bass management and how you can get involved today.

Another way you can help is by learning best practices when it comes to handling stripers.



One thought on “Hard Lined

  1. Great stuff. Why so many guys just don’t get it and why the fish aren’t revered like others I’ll never know.

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