Guess How Much Water America Uses Each Day

322 billion gallons.

A recent report from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) provides an overview of water withdrawals across the country.

The report includes a few surprises. For example, did you know Idaho withdraws the most water nationwide for aquaculture? That Arkansas — the 33rd most-populous state — withdraws the fifth most water, mainly for crop irrigation? Or that power plants are the largest users of water in the country?


One thought on “Guess How Much Water America Uses Each Day

  1. It’s happening everywhere now.

    Britain –

    This from a former, senior British diplomat not inclined to exaggerate or use scaremongering language.

    That’s just cranky little Brexity Britain, how about….?

    Asia. Don’t even start to think about what could happen to the Indian Subcontinent and to China when the Himalayan glaciers go and the annual Monsoons become spasmodic, less than heavy or fail altogether (which they are already beginning to) and billions of people have to hit the road and leave or remain in situ and die.

    Africa. Same sort of scenario as above.

    Fish, irrespective of whether they’re huge swoosh smart or boo-hiss trashy, will be far down the list of considerations when this happens, which it’s going to, whether it’s end-of-days “worst case” or something rather less catacysmic, unless an eyes-on-the-long-term something is done.

    Time to get our collective planet-saving asses into gear, or we simply won’t be able to use our new 20G internet and phones….

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