Greenland – Fly Fishing for searun arctic char

Back in September, we posted a short little video from the guys at Solid Adventures and Fly Fishing Nation of them chasing Searun Arctic Char in Greenland, aka the Lady of Snow. Here’s a longer version from the same trip featuring some incredible views of barren Greenland and some spectacular Arctic Char.

Located at the rivermouth of the Kangia River, Solid Adventure’s Kangia River Lodge is majestically situated, overlooking both pristine sea- and freshwaters. Kangia River, known for its strong run of searun Arctic Char has been a well-kept secret amongst local anglers and a few adventurous fly fishermen who have pilgrimaged to the hunting camp in search for some of the biggest char on Greenland’s West-Fjords. The fishing for these supercharged Anadromous Char has improved drastically since commercial fishing has been banned and along with these improvements, Solid Adventures has been granted the exclusive rights to build an operation in pair with all their famous other premises worldwide.

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