Green Adventures Slovenia with Marina Gibson

A short film to celebrate the inaugural Fish and Fly Trio challenge launched by Green Adventure Slovenia in 2020.

This fishing challenge welcomes enthusiasts of all ages and abilities to participate in a unique three-day fishing excursion, including a three-night stay and a helicopter ride over one of the greenest of European countries: Slovenia. The objective of the challenge is to catch three species – grayling, brown trout, and marble trout – from three pristine rivers.


One thought on “Green Adventures Slovenia with Marina Gibson

  1. It’s at times likes this that I quite unaccountably and almost certainly perversely start having strictly non-Vet’ cinematic flashbacks featuring ‘Nam, Agent Orange, Charlies who don’t surf, the smell of napalm in the morning, the sound of incoming choppers, of the REAL, three times visited, (Congolese) Heart of Darkness, plus ancient end-of-days echoes of Jim and the boys…..

    Let’s hear him now.

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