Meet the X – Sage’s New Flagship Rod Series


Sending a bunch of anglers to Amsterdam seems like a dangerous proposition. But fortunately the folks at the European Fishing Tackle Trade Expo have some fun and fancy new fishing toys to distract them from delving too deep into Dutch debauchery. Chief among them is the Sage X, Sage’s new flagship rod series that features their latest material technology KonneticHD.

The rod is aptly named as it’s the tenth flagship series of rods from Bainbridge-based Sage. And this new generation of fast-action rods – it’s actually significantly faster than the Sage One – strives to strike the perfect balance between fast and feel, allowing anglers to cast more powerfully and accurately. As Sage more eloquently explains it, their “new taper delivers greater blank recovery and a crisper tip-top, allowing anglers to dig deeper into the rod and access more of the lower sections of the blank, shifting power closer to the angler. Decreased lateral and medial movement and vibrations in the blank also result in more accurate and efficient presentations refining the synergy between angler, rod, line, and fly.”

Over the coming days, weeks, and months, you’ll definitely hear/see lots of chatter about the X – the release of a flagship series from Sage is always a much-anticipated event that stokes the fire of fly anglers around the world. Much of that chatter will go into great depth about the X’s technology and how this premium rod stacks up against other high-end rods.

We’ll leave all of those reviews and proclamations to other folks. All we’ll say is that we had a chance to fish the X a few months back with some folks from Sage, and we dug their new stick a lot. And we’re confident that the Sage X will be quite well-received by the angling public and that it is a worthy 10th generation flagship rod series from Sage.

The Sage X…coming to a fly shop near you in August 2016.

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  1. That’s what they said about the XP, The Z-Axis, and the Method. I’ll reserve judgement until I fish a nine on the flats and in the wind.

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