2 thoughts on “Goliath Tigerfish On The Fly In The Chinko Reserve

  1. Hmm….

    If only the makers of the above could have spelt “persue” in the intro captions as the real-life “pursue”, I might have given this a full five mins my time rather than 4.8 seconds.

    Yours sincerely,

    Someone who has pursued the Sons and Daughters of Alien bastards heroically brandished above three, not exactly user-friendly times, and has had them them to 91 pounds (not on fly) and around 30 on fly on my last, “The horror! The horror!” has nothing on this, Congo visit in the early Noughties, when I finally said to myself “You’ve really got to stop doing this sort of Big Bad Baden-Powell Overgrown Boy Scout stuff, Paul … It’s not big and it’s not clever…”.

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