Global Warming Is Pushing Pacific Salmon to the Brink

Pacific salmon that spawn in Western streams and rivers have been struggling for decades to survive water diversions, dams, and logging. Now, global warming is pushing four important populations in California, Oregon, and Idaho toward extinction, federal scientists warn in a new study.

The new research shows that several of the region’s salmon populations are now bumping into temperature limits, with those that spawn far inland after lengthy summer stream migrations and those that spend a lot of time in coastal habitats like river estuaries among the most at risk.

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One thought on “Global Warming Is Pushing Pacific Salmon to the Brink

  1. And as the Atlantic Arctic Ice Sheet melts – Greenland going fast, a glacier just declared an “ex-glacier” in western Iceland – and Atlantic salmon disappear from their once-considerable southern ranges and move to the still just a bit cooler far north, the Pacific Pinks, after a subtantial appearance in British Atlantic salmon rivers in 2017, are back on a World Tour again.

    News, from a few weeks ago, of the Pinks from “Home of Atlantic Salmon”, Scotland –

    So far, early August 2019, only a few Pinks have arrived compared with the run of 2017, but British Atlantic salmon fisheries people are half-expecting them. Clearly, something very very odd is “up”. Might just be time to try and cool things down a little….?

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