Gallegos River – Sea Trout Addiction

Fly fishing for fresh run sea trout & resident brown trout in the province of Santa Cruz,
Southern Patagonia, Argentina, the most famous sea trout destination in the world.

The Estancia covers some 57,000 acres and incorporated within its private boundaries we have a 20km stretch of the world renown Rio Gallegos and a further 35kms of its major tributary, the Rio Penitente, a spectacular river in its own right.

Though this can be described as a true wilderness experience, the lodge is very comfortable & retains all its original features and historic charm, having been built in this remote part of Patagonia in 1902.

With the river just some 150 metres from the house, guests have spectacular views of the surrounding landscape together with the Andes as a panoramic backdrop.

At Rincon we pride ourselves in running a highly efficient but totally relaxed programme catering to all tastes and with the diversity of our river systems, no matter what the conditions, god fishing can always be found.

One thought on “Gallegos River – Sea Trout Addiction

  1. Oh do behave, or you will get me thinking of the Turbio and the Penitente, of the main Rio Gallegos through Estancia Bella Vista with its lovely Chico springcreek, then down through Estancia La Carlota, then Estancias Buitreras and Laguna Colorada, down down to Gueraike (where Butch and Sundance were given dinner one night by its British owners before heading off the next morning to rob the bank in town), down even further into long, pretty filthy and very dangerous in places, tidal section that sometimes, just sometimes, if you a hit of run of entering fish, saw you with a fly rod very well and pretty well permanently bent. Oh, the fun we had………….

    You see, you got me started. Stop it at once!

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