FUBAR Alert: 2,000 fish killed in hatchery ‘die-off’

State officials have informed Anglers of the Au Sable that at least 2,000 fish died around July 13 at the Harrietta Hills Fish Hatchery, located on the East Branch of the Au Sable River. The facility was allegedly treated with “formalin” in an attempt to stop the disease outbreak believed to have caused the die-off.

Because the fish farm is a flow-through facility – where water flows in from the river, through the fish-rearing area and then right back into the river – there is a high likelihood that formalin is in Au Sable as a result. Formalin is derived from formaldehyde, a known cancer-causing agent.

“We wanted to alert the public to this potential public health issue caused by the Grayling hatchery. Anglers is strongly opposed to the operation and planned growth of the hatchery, and has warned state officials about the potential of this kind of problem,” said Joe Hemming, president of Anglers of the Au Sable.
LINK (via: Up North Voice)

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