One thought on “From Wing to String: Using Upland Bird Feathers for Fly Tying

  1. A flytying-related something that I cast my eyes over bit earlier when a friend sent an online auction link to me on Sunday morning, guys.

    A chance to inspect a unique collection of Classic Salmon Flies tied by Kelson, Pryce-Tannatt, Megan Boyd etc, plus much much trouty more (I have a few Frank Sawyer-tied flies myself, given to me by Sawyer when I fished several days with him when I was a very small, completely fishing-mad, parents didn’t know what to do about it, boy – days on the Officers Fishing Association (now Services Dry Fly Fishing Association) waters on the upper Hampshire Avon that had been arranged for me by a fellow WW2 RAF pilot pal of my Dad’s).

    You will need to: a) probably dig pretty deeply into your pockets to win the privilege of viewing them, and b) be prepared to travel to the famed Test Valley in Hampshire, England, in order to do so.

    Over to you. classic chalkstream

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