We recently teamed up with our friends at Filson and Sage to create a joint Filson Life/Moldy Chum story. Here’s a snippet of the piece, but to see all of the photos and read the full story about fishing the hidden gems of Washington click here.

The blazing colors of fall that engulfed Box Canyon Creek were a stark juxtaposition to the bare, white apartment walls that had been surrounding us. Unvaccinated and cloistered from the outside world, my pup’s time thus far in Washington had felt like a cruel imprisonment for an animal with the bloodlines of a hunter most at home in dense woods and deep waters. But with a clean bill of health and the requisite antibodies coursing through her, she was now seizing her birthright as she cautiously scampered through cutthroat-filled waters.


Her name means “fierce protector” and “gift from God”, but so far Wilma Jean has only lived up to the latter half. A rescue from a kill shelter in Georgia, this southern belle’s fortuitous entrance into my Seattle life has certainly been a blessing. But the so-called “fierce protector” is anything but.


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