Fox Business ran defense for Pruitt and Pebble by attacking CNN

Media Matters dismantles Fox News and their “facts” about the Pebble mine.

The Fox Business Network has aggressively and baselessly attacked a CNN investigation into moves made by Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt that will help a proposed mining project in Alaska. The network aired four segments last week that criticized CNN’s story.

On October 18 and 19, Fox Business Network ran four separate interviews that bashed CNN’s report, one with the Pebble Limited Partnership’s CEO and three with John Stossel, a Fox commentator.

Here are the segments:

  • one: on Varney & Co. on October 18, host Stuart Varney interviewed Stossel;
  • two: also on Varney & Co. on October 18, Varney interviewed Pebble CEO Tom Collier;
  • three: on After the Bell on October 18, host David Asman interviewed Stossel;
  • four: on Kennedy on October 19, host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery interviewed Stossel.

LINK (via: Media Matters)

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