One thought on “Fly fishing: What is it, and why is it so popular?

  1. Okay. As an utterly clueless “English”, I am prepared to accept (just about, terms and conditions apply, though) such Industry Boosterism, but the above completely lost me (sent me first into a fit of “Where on earth is this coming from? I thought I was past bad trip acid flashbacks….” uncontrollable twitching, eye-rolling and gnashing, then, second, “Quite unaccountably, I feel like finding and playing that old Talking Heads’ song that begins with ‘Cant seem to face up to the facts, Tense and nervous, cant relax …’ – loud, very loud, until something and not merely my own ears bleed…”) when it went all Paul Maclean – River Ran Through Us and We Never Got Up Afterwards on me, though the great St Joan did manage to bring me back from the River of No Return brink a little, however. Which was just as well, as I have had quite enough of the “therapeutic” benefits of flyfishing (mental and fizzycal), and even “Bring me another Coors” (other brands available) carpfishing, being sold on Little England’s very newly caring and sharing and touchy-feelie Official Fishy social media and “We all interview each other” corporate Zoom events and “Didn’t I hear you saying much the same on that firm’s competitor’s channel the other day?” podcasts in recent months; it was as if They (as in Them!) were saying, “Get the gear and get out fishing, you contemptible creatures, but just don’t dare to try and do it anywhere near Us! You’ll find that we’ve made sure of that….”.

    Definitely time for some “somewhere they can’t find me” fishing, I think. Or for a nice, post-New Long Strange River Trip, Big Brand Acid Buy-In It’s Been, lie-down … still going to put on ‘Psycho Killer’, though….

    Call me running hard from all such, very hardjust and in the opposite direction, but………….

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