3 thoughts on “Fly Fishing Tiny Stream Loaded with Big Trout!

  1. Message I have just received on the fishy spiritual plane ether from the British Gentlemen Ghosts of the Improvement Societies that gave Trout to you Rude Antipidean Types from 1880-odd onwards:

    “Fishing with eggs for spawning trout in nursery streams in what should be the strictly-no-fishing Close Season? Definitely NOT on, old boy. Stop doing this sort of thing this minute, or we’ll come back and haunt you.”

    That’s told ’em.

  2. “Antipodean” – the long-gone “We do not approve” Ghostly Old Pedants got back to me with a correction.

  3. Later….

    The Great Bearded Trout Beings have sent me another message, one that the Kiwis might just understand:

    “Strictly not Cricket.”

    Boote out.

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