Fly fishing in Mongolia with the College of Science

Located in Northwest Mongolia at the confluence of the Eg and the Uur Rivers, hundreds of miles from the closest urbanized city exists one of the last strongholds of the giant Eurasian trout, the Hucho taimen (known locally as taimen). College of Science faculty members Zeb Hogan (host of the National Geographic show Monster Fish with Zeb Hogan) and Sudeep Chandra have been studying this fish population in Mongolia for over 10 years.

Here is some more information about that research.

A new technology was introduced to help conduct a census of these elusive fish, aerial surveys. Using drones from UNR’s National Science Foundation supported Instrument Facility, airborne surveys of the river were conducted to measure the abundance and size of taimen in selected reaches of the river network.

LINK (via: Nevada Today)

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