Fly Fishing Meets Coachella

No bird watching on the list.

The desert of the Coachella Valley will be the location of 4xFAR which will offer attendees a “contemporary adventure.” A unique stage nestled amidst the palms will play host to musical programming, while across the Empire Grand Oasis guests will be able to enjoy a series of interactive experiences carefully curated by Outside Magazine. Onsite activities will range from fly-fishing demos, wilderness survival and outdoor photography workshops, mountain biking, slacklining, yoga, intimate panel conversations, premium dining opportunities, climbing and bouldering, spirit and wine tastings and much more.

LINK (via: a.list)

One thought on “Fly Fishing Meets Coachella

  1. Oh God….

    Sundry background music lyric chatter detected in the Boote Brain on reading the above:

    “Oh but California…
    California I’m coming home
    I’m going to see the folks I dig
    I’ll even kiss a Sunset pig
    California I’m coming home”

    “You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave….”

    Best not to go there, Paul … don’t even think about it.

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