One thought on “Fly Fishing Local Santa Cruz – Argentina

  1. Fine display of effortless Argentine single-handed shooting-head casting. After looking at the fisher’s slow, purposeful casting stroke and his perfect, shooting-line loop-gathering, it’s as if the man featured was taught by an old and very good pal of mine who fishes the Rio Santa Cruz (and his home river, the Gallegos, ever since he moved south from Buenos Aires in the early 1970s), a great caster and fisher and player of the accoustic guiter (Beatles ‘Blackbird’ over a gourd ‘mate’ tea on the bank, anyone?) and friend of the late Mel Krieger (who once said to me as we watched our mutual friend fishing “I wish I could cast a head like that, Paul…”), a man who was teaching casting (and the absolute necessity of catch and release fishing) to his fellow locals of the Patagonian Far South years before Mel was.

    Lovely caster in that very nice little film. Do not be fooled by the pretty amiable-looking Santa Cruz River, though – it can be and very often is a complete animal, both its water and local weather, with occasional waterspout twisters coming at you across the river for several hundred yards then in seconds leaving you as if you spent half an hour in a carwash for extra interest, plus the occaisonal coming-off-the-desert-behind-you-to-find-you sandstorms – sometimes all of these in the space of a morning! Proper fishing!

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