Fly-fishing in the remote reaches of Hokkaido

When I think of Hokkaido I think some of the best powder and tree skiing on the planet. It appears there are some solid fly fishing opportunities there as well.

Today, Hokkaido is renowned for some of the best fly-fishing in all of Japan. The Lake Akan region is particularly productive. Mount Oakan flanks the eastern side of the lake and, after the long, snowy winters, the nutrient-dense runoff from the mountain feeds the lakes and streams, creating an ideal habitat for several species of fish. Lake Akan boasts char, rainbow trout, taimen, carp and cherry salmon, all of which can be fished at varying times of the year, ranging from May 1 to Nov. 30, depending on location and species. Kokanee are a landlocked salmon native to Lake Akan, and the char — also called Japanese char, white-spotted char or golden char for their telltale golden hue — are one of the most prized fish.

“Because the Lake Akan area was designated a national park, the fish in the lake and rivers are still in their pure, natural shape,” Takada says. The golden char, he says, are particularly special. “The average size is 45 to 50 centimeters, and sometimes you can fish big, golden char as long as 90 centimeters,” he says.

LINK (via: Japan Times)

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