Fly Fishing In Kashmir

Aharbal is a hill station in the southwestern part of Kashmir Valley. The place is quite peaceful and suitable for expeditions, trekking, vlogging, photography, and trout fishing. Due to mesmerizing look of meadows, pine and fir tree forests, the abutting snow-clad mountains, the waterfall attracts many Indian and international tourists. Aharbal Waterfall is also known as Niagara Waterfall of Kashmir

2 thoughts on “Fly Fishing In Kashmir

  1. Sorry about this, but having once spent a lot of time in the region, I’m with a certain, traveller in time and space named Robert….

    Toona on Tuesday for you. Best played ear-bleed loud.

  2. Wednesday PS to above.

    A very old friend of mine, a total muso with a classic vinyl and CD/DVD/Digital music collection well-known by music people in the know in Britain, a man who knows more about Zep than the band do and has seen them play live at least as many times as they could ever remember and once travelled the world to do so, who has also spent time in Kashmir (his Dal Lake, Srinagar, houseboat Christmas and heavy-snow winter to my own all-rivers, whole of a trout season spring and summer), contacted me last night with “They never visited Kashmir, Paul.”, telling me that the song was inspired by a road trip through Morocco. He attached an online article to prove it. Here it is:

    I’d have been only happy to take Robert there some years back, say as late 1989, but Kashmir is a little too “hot” for both Indians and foreigners these days, especially its lovely remote hill and mountain regions bordering the Vale where the very fine, but not exceptional fishing-wise, rivers flow.

    Right. Back to tying some very small dries, nymphs and beadheads for when my own British rivers empty of their Annual Silly Season, Couldn’t Hook Their Own Ass in The Bath (even with the Help of A Big £££s Big Name Guide), Mayfly Fishers in late June…….. maybe a reprise of ‘Kashmir’, too……….

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