Fly Fishing Etsy

Display fourteen of your prized fly reels with pride in this beautiful handmade solid cherry or walnut display case from Salt Creek Studio.  Act fast, only one available.


This beautiful personalized bird’s eye maple fly rod case is just one of the material options from Legacy Fly Fishing.  LINK 

This custom tarpon address sign is the perfect accessory for your new place down in the Keys. Cut out of 1/8″ aluminum this sign is bare metal sanded smooth with a brushed finish and topped with a clear coat or you can add a powder coat color. Will not rust!

LINK (via: FL Coastal Decor)

Sometimes you forget to take the feathers off the bird!?! – This is original art by Karl Schwartz of a rooster tied to a hook is for all of us that love the art of fly tying and fly fishing. SIZE: 5″ wide X 3.7″ tall

LINK (via: Bozeman Creative)


One thought on “Fly Fishing Etsy

  1. Hmm … I’m going to need a bigger reels display case … maybe better stick with the multiple large cardbox-boxfuls of them hidden away in a couple of cupboards, their contents told not be to cheeky to all of the accompanying resting rods that some of them feel have failed them / not done them justice over the years…..

    Maybe a markerpen inscription on all the boxes now, addressed to anyone finding them after I’ve headed off to The Great River System in The Sky:

    “For God’s sake, don’t send this to the dump. Contents might be valuable or useful. To someone.”

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