Fly Fishing Etsy

Another edition of fly fishing search results from the Etsy global marketplace.

Don’t settle for a cheap, mass-produced vase or box-shaped urn – Honor a life’s legacy with an heirloom-quality bronze sculpture! LINK

A one of a kind solid black walnut fly tying desk featuring a transparent epoxy river complete with rocks and rapids with live edge floating shelves to hold thread and tools. LINK

Fish skin wrapped fly rod tubes from the Salmon River Trad Store. LINK

Rep your favorite Wyoming trout with one of Fly Fish Wyoming’s trout pattern bracelets that mimic the unique colors and spots of each species. LINK

Access your favorite flies with the FlyBandz. LINK



3 thoughts on “Fly Fishing Etsy

  1. Suitable urn for one’s fishy ashes, eh?

    I remember the near-mass fishing forum meltdown I caused ten or more years ago when I blithely announced that I had already started throwing my old Allcock’s of Redditich and Hardy of Alnwick (plus other Makers’) classic centre(er)pin and fly reels and “other bits of useless fishy junk”, ancient Celtic Warrior-style into various bodies of British water – Thames weirpools, sundry bits of Wessex chalkstream, Welsh sea-trout and salmon river etc that had been particularly good to me over the years – to save anybody the trouble of having to go through all the worthless garbage when I’ve gone. Books (as in, for some forum-readers, a suspected and much-lusted-after major Angling Library)? To be cremated and dug into a piece of ground where they can grow some decent tomatoes and vegetables. “Oh yeah, and as for my own ashes, just tip them into a local stream that finds its way into another larger one then an even bigger one still before reaching the Thames that in turn will find the sea and so get well and truly shot of me. No memorials or statues or major Stone Circles or Bronze Age burial mounds, PLEASE….”

    I was amazed at just how drearily literal-minded and humo(u)rless and hairtrigger hopping-mad angry some of my fellow so-called Anglers could be.

    Boote Out.

  2. Later PS to the Brit Hard of Fishing and Thinking and those yet to learn that’s there a lot more to it than merely sucking up to the Right Sorts and Getting All the Gear – “And strictly NO Sutton Hoo- or later Viking-style Ship Burials. They’re so ‘Look at me with all my Golden Grave Goods, ye puny, and despair’ showy. PPS – Use all the rods to support tomatoes.”

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