Fly-Fishing in an Age of Unraveling

The election of a reality-show president drives a writer to crank up his fly-tying vise.

I had never been interested in tying my own flies. It seemed like a lot of fuss that required extra tools and supplies. Easier, I always thought, just to buy them. Then, in 2016, two things happened: Donald Trump and the fly-tying vise my wife gave me for Christmas. 

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One thought on “Fly-Fishing in an Age of Unraveling

  1. I continue to tie flies as “an act of small rebellion”, as Robert Traver once wrote about just going fishing in his very fine Testament of A Fisherman.

    Waters might fall to 14,000 bucks a week grabbers, prettifiers, pushers and promoters, but (as Mel Gibson’s painted-up Braveheart character as good as said in a highly inaccurate historical movie) they can never take my flies from me…

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