Fishstarter: ripplebox | A brand new species of fly box

The latest innovation in fly boxes comes to you courtesy of the crew at ripplebox.

Waves goodbye to worn out slits, fiddly returns, and predefined spacing.

The ripplebox features a unique silicone ripple insert designed to make organizing and changing flies simpler and quicker, so your fly can spend more time in the water. Featuring 12 full-length fly channels, hooks can be placed in gently, and held securely, anywhere.

Even better?

When it comes to production, the ripplebox team is committed to ethical and responsible manufacturing. Their goal is to use no adhesives, toxic resins, solvent-based inks or non-recyclables in the finished product. Designed for disassembly, the ripplebox can also be recycled and any individual part can be replaced.

We’ve been playing with a small prototype and can honestly say this box will make your life easier both on and off the water.

Check it out.

LINK (via: Kickstarter)


One thought on “Fishstarter: ripplebox | A brand new species of fly box

  1. Looks cool. I might have missed something, but I think it needs a swing leaf. I see a lot of “ripples” underneath that could be put to good use and double the carrying capacity of that box.

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