Fishstarter: lo-fli – An Unreel Fly Fishing System

The lo-fli fly fishing system is a new concept in fly fishing, designed by an award winning product designer and fisherman. lo-fli offers two distinctly unique advantages over other fly fishing outfits: it offers a way to hone your casting skills while doubling as a take-anywhere minimalist travel fly fishing system.

Skill Honing Tool:  Whether you’re an expert angler looking to hone your casting technique, or a beginner looking to finally break into fly fishing, lo-fli has you covered.  lo-fli is a Western-style fly casting, skill honing device that uses real fly line (not craft yarn) with the addition of a cast brass “action spool” that accurately mimics the action and feel of of a full-sized fly fishing setup. With the help of our quick-start casting guide, your casts will be at least as long as that last sentence in no time. This guide will include some basic and wacky alternative casting techniques to impress your stuffy fly fishing friends with. Once you think you’ve got your single-hand Skagit cast all sussed out and your double haul all tightened up and ready to rock, then we still have you covered, it fishes too!

Go Anywhere Outfit:  You could call lo-fli the “little black dress” of fly fishing. At six feet, it’s a compact fly outfit, so it excels in tight fishing situations, but it works equally well in any wading or shoreline situation you feel like making a little more “sporty”. Since lo-fli is a 4 piece fly rod setup, you can stuff it in your carry-on or your back pocket (or whatever) and go hit that fishy looking piece of water across the street from your client’s office building. Since lo-fli uses real fly line and has an action spool designed specifically to hold extra line, lo-fli excels in real fishing situations.

LINK (via: Kickstarter)

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