Fishstarter Fail: Bucknasty Browns Part Deux

Montana Wild, the team behind Bucknasty Browns, recently turned to Kickstarter to fund a sequel which just fell well short of its fundraising goal.


It’s not surprising the campaign went down in flames. The fly community has not forgotten Montana Wild’s track record and their complete lack of contrition when they were busted for a number of illegal fishing activities on public lands.

The owners of a Missoula outdoor film company, and an associate, have paid almost $6,000 in fines after receiving more than four dozen federal and state citations for illegal activities, the bulk involving multiple violations of bull trout fishing regulations.

Authorities say brothers Zack and Travis Boughton of Missoula, owners of Montana Wild, made more than 2,200 videos from a 2013 fishing trip into the Bob Marshall Wilderness and South Fork of the Flathead, plus more while they were intentionally fishing for bull trout on the Spotted Bear River and North Fork Blackfoot River.


Pleading ignorance didn’t really help their cause either.





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