Fishing for South Florida Tree Chickens

The population of green iguanas in Florida has grown rapidly in the past decade. The reptiles are not native to the state and were likely introduced through the pet trade, having either escaped from or been intentionally released by their owners. Warming temperatures across the state have allowed the species to thrive in the wild. They now occupy a strange space in the psyche of Floridians. They are at once a sought-after pet, a destructive pest, and a delicacy. This notoriety has birthed a cottage industry of iguana enthusiasts who are able to exploit these differences. Iguana trappers can arbitrage the species between those who want them off their property and those who want them displayed in a terrarium or prepared for a dish.

In this short documentary, The Atlantic follows an iguana hunter who has found yet another revenue stream for flipping iguanas: YouTube.

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