Fishermen lament plunge in Scottish wild salmon catch

A fisherman releases wild Atlantic silver salmon 

In the shimmering rapids of the River Spey that cuts through the Scottish Highlands, Ian Gordon casts his line with a languid swish and waits for a salmon to take the fly.

In the early 1970s, when Gordon first fished the Spey as a “wee nipper,” it never took long to catch a bite. But things have changed.

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One thought on “Fishermen lament plunge in Scottish wild salmon catch

  1. Same with England and Wales to the south. At exactly this time of September, as a teenager in the early years of the 1970s, I had seven fresh-run chrome-silver Atlantic salmon from 7 to 19 pounds in a day from one productive Welsh river – a red letter day in a non-stop run of ten wonderful September fishing days during which I landed a total of seventeen fish with an average of over 9 pounds. But not now…the last time that I really caught from that particular river was during the big run of 1988. All of those fish gone, and so quickly – tragic.

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