2 thoughts on “Fisherman loses rod, fish and…

  1. I think we need some more it’s that time of year again (plus a new movie coming out) don’t go in, on, or anywhere near the water, Megadeath Predator / Frank Zappa Weasels Ripped My Flesh news….

    From the BBC –


    It’s at times like this, I fall back on an old Nat King Cole classic…summers were so much safer back then….


  2. Two Days Later PS

    It’s worse than even I had imagined after seeing a “Feeding T. Rex on the beach gets it Patagonian Orca v. Elephant Seals-style” (I’ve seen it happen live on the Valdes Peninsula) trailer a couple of months back, fellas.


    The makers have appeared to fail to understand that for such shlock-horror stuff to be really good, it’s got to be truly, put out my eyes for watching this somebody, unashamedly bad – like the first Sharknado.

    Boote out.

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