How to Fish a Spring Creek Without Going Crazy

spring creek
Photo: Mike Cline

Mention spring creek fishing to your angling friends and you’ll get a myriad of responses—the trout are selective, the flies are too small, the leaders too long, and you have to be sneaky.

Fishing, like alcoholic beverages, offers something for every palate. Fishing double nymph rigs below an indicator from a drift boat may be the canned light beer of the fly fishing world, while stalking finicky trout with single dry flies on a gin-clear spring creek is akin to a Napa Cabernet.

In the eyes of this veteran guide, spring creek fishing can be like a fine wine, but it’s still fishing so I’ll liken it to drinking wine out of the bottle. Spring creeks offer a mix of angling intimacy, just the right amount of challenge, and often fish well when other rivers are in runoff, too cold or too warm to fish, and can be found in many places throughout the world. Here’s some advice on how to best enjoy these unique waters.

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