Fly fishing is just a method of fishing. It is not bound to the serene landscapes you see in postcards and tourist brochures. Scenic mountain views and glacier-fed streams are an added bonus, not a requirement. In Kansas, an unlikely duo has come together over a shared love of fly fishing and their determination to change perceptions of the sport.

Kansas Outdoor Corps is a joint venture between MotoVike Films and Bajillion Agency. KOC seeks to highlight the joys of life outdoors and show that adventure is available everywhere.

2 thoughts on “FISH ANYWHERE

  1. Sorry, fellas, but you’re getting two in one day from me, as a result of that wonderful Big Guy Big Beard in the movie arriving at an urban water and sagely opining “At least it doesn’t smell today.”.

    Quite made my year. Many thanks.

  2. Thanks for sharing that information it will helpful for the beginner who wants to fishing. I also love fishing and I have 3 years little experience in fishing. I also know little bit about fly fishing and I totally agree with you.Fly fishing is another method of fishing. Fly is used to catch fish.Fly fishing can be done in salt water means sea or river.The fly is using a fly rod, reel, and specialized weighted line. Now I get more information about fly fishing from here.

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