The Fire Bird – Loon Tying Tutorial

The Fire Bird is a spin-off on the classic Bird’s Nest. In it’s original form the Bird’s Nest is a super buggy pattern that is a fairly quick tie. We love quick ties and buggy patterns! With the easy addition of a hot spot using our UV Fly Paint, this fly gains just a little bit of flare without compromising the parts of the classic that we love. Although it’s tied unweighted here, this fly would work well with a bead head especially if it is being fished by itself in deeper water.


HOOK Daiichi 1760 #10-#18
THREAD 50d GSP White
TAIL Mallard Flank – Orange
RIBBING UNI Wire – Sm Brown
BODY Senyo’s Fusion Dub – Crusty Nail
LEGS Mallard Flank – Orange
THORAX Senyo’s Fusion Dub – Crusty Nail
WING CASE UV Fly Paint – Red

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