One thought on “Finally…But I’m Already So Good With Right Handed Ones

  1. Superpower?


    I’m just weirdly wired and so – for Some, They know who They are – perplexingly cackhanded / this way works for me and me only ambidextrous.

    For example:

    Not a bad Left-handed, single-handed fly rod, caster (can only hook my ass when using the right).

    Couldn’t Spey Cast left-handed however hard I try either, so it has to be right.

    As for the few times I use a bait, spinning or baitcasting rod these days…..that depends on the type of reel, plus whether it’s distance or pinpoint accuracy that’s required…even then I might swap hands for the hook-up and the fight…..

    I met a Officially Certified (I believe that’s the term) Casting Instructor at one of our odd little Rural Masters & Their Beaters, Gillies, Hunt Servants and Suppliers British Game Fair shows once. He took one look at my highly eclectic – bit of this – bit of that – but By God, dammit, he can do it – non-official textbook casting, and discreetly edged away.

    Left Hand of Darkness Boote out.

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