2 thoughts on “Feather Thief Series In The Works

  1. Sure to be a hit with a “Whatever you can get away with” generation that mass-streamed the Anna Sorokin series and thought it pretty “neat”. Plus that laughably inept and surely suitable case for treatment FYRE festival organizer of the greatest party that never happened. Amoral sociopaths make such great Big $$$s TV series and can be emathized with, perhaps even admired a little bit now, it seems. Strictly for the birds, this sort of true crime caper stuff, in my opinion, and not the extinct and endangered ones some OCD Classic Salmon flydresser thought it best to liberate from a quaint little, hicksville branch of the British Museum.

    Much rather watch the current “Best Nurders in the Building” Steve Martin and others’ comedy series, a great spoof all such very needy flaky people desperate for a bit of publicity stuff.

    And if I wanted an all-action heist movie, I could take in “The Gray Man”, which I did last night and saw most if not all of modern day historic Prague taken out.

    Boote doing the same, now. Gone.

  2. Next morning PS

    I reckon that my negative reaction to many TV and Movie re-tellings of real-life borderline crazy or just plain nasty events is that, in their need to be watchable and to entertain the viewer, they tend to NORMALIZE THE ABERRANT. The world has seen rather too many of its occupants unthinkingly gobbling down downright lies and half-truths and blithely accepting unforgivably bad behaviour (“Well, that is what HE does…”) over the past decade or so, without any more of it being glamorized for their “I’m the slime” screens.


    PPS – No apologies for the U-heavy English-English spelling of behaviour above.

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