2 thoughts on “Far-right anti-conservation group gets taxpayer funds

  1. Ah yes…we here in Britain are currently seeing some people – disaster capitalists who make a complete killing from such stuff, those with private estates, remote islands, though probably not (yet) Southern Hemisphere Starter Bunkers – pushing back against a no longer just impending but already started natural and climate apocalypse by looking for cheap shot, “We simply can’t afford it at present, I’m afraid….it probably isn’t happening anyway…just some Pinko Green Blob Anti-Growth and -Profit scare story…..” gains at some becoming ever nearer daily future poll. It would be I’m here today but will be gone tomorrow short-termer laughable if it wasn’t so potentially, permanently, long-term lethal.

    PS – Ours are cowboys too, but, being Brits, don’t wear the hats.

    Boote out.

  2. Conveniently, Boote and Moldy Chum have left out how many environmentalists have become super rich off the “Climate Change grift” at taxpayer expense.

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