F-ck The Gear Police

It’s all about the gear.

From the publication that promotes puffy jackets, lightweight insulation and fleece sweaters to the masses via annual Gear Guides and outdoor style photo shoots.

Busting people for their style miscues is a beloved pastime in outdoor communities. But in the Instagram era, the practice has us sadly all dressing the same.

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One thought on “F-ck The Gear Police

  1. I have long called them “The Sport Police”.

    When I think of the concern, confusion and even outrage that I have caused among the perfectly kitted-out of Britain, Iceland, Argentina and Chile over the past 30 years, turning up at many a river in a pair of 1987-vintage Redball Flyweight fold-to-nothing non-breathable chestwaders, comprising more glued-on old tent material patches and Aquaseal goop than original fabric, sometimes with a pair of rubber-soled Converse All Star Originals doing as wading boots (lighter to carry in a pack, though I have told a few very concerned individuals that “I wore my Freestones out several months back….”, which was the case and perfectly true on one season-long South American trip).

    Oh, the confusion in their “I bought the flyshop” faces … the inner “Should I be on a river that’s being fished by a man like this…?” mental turmoil….

    Then there were the Pros who very quickly discovered that I was catching as many or even more and bigger than they were, on rivers they had fished a lot and on others they had yet to hear about….

    Such fun. Remember fun, fellas…?

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