Experts slam Trump administration’s analysis for repealing Clean Water Rule

The economic analysis that the Trump administration is using to support its repeal of an Obama-era water pollution rule has serious flaws, economists and regulatory experts told Bloomberg BNA. And legal experts told ThinkProgress that relying on a flawed economic analysis could open the Trump administration up to serious legal problems down the road.

Economists warned that the data used in the analysis of repealing the Clean Water Rule relies on outdated, recession-era economic data, and fails to accurately account for some of the benefits of leaving the rule in place. The Clean Water Rule, sometimes called the Waters of the United States Rule, was finalized in 2015 and clarified federal protection for millions of miles of streams and wetlands.

“I am not normally this dismissive, but this is the worst regulatory analysis I have ever seen,” David Sunding, a University of California-Berkeley agricultural economist who conducted an industry-funded economic analysis of the rule in 2014, told Bloomberg BNA.

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  1. You really think you’ll get a fair opinion from anyone at Bloomberg or UC Berkley, the most liberal college in the country? You might as well put a story from CNN on here. Stick to fly fishing content, thanks


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