One thought on “Europe’s Surprising Record of Dam Removals

  1. Brits have been quietly working at the dams and small-stream weirs & obstructions-removal thing for some years now, with both private and public river owners and various special interest fishy and watery improvement Trusts having a real “go” at them. I only saw the other day that the rivers of my salmon, sea-trout and brown trout-fishing youth in West Wales are about to get the same treatment. Can only be good for the rivers and their fish stocks, of course, but I still can’t stop myself from thinking that those rivers were chock full of migratory and resident salmonids (plus gaziillions of migrating European eels) WITH even more dams and “impassable” natural waterfalls etc on them than there are now. Same with my other life-long centre of fishing operations, the southern English chalkstreams.

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