One thought on “Estrada Art Presents: The 5wt Chronicles: Going Coastal

  1. Good fishing techniques. Thank you for the article. This reminded me of how my friend went to winter fishing. The car is a miracle of the car industry. The city is located on the shore of the bay, so the car was needed only to get to the place of fishing on the ice. Snow that winter was a lot, ice and can not be seen. Just moved to the ice – stalled in the snow. Went out, the four of them were pushed out. They drove five meters and got stuck again. And so all the way. Finally we got to the place and went fishing. On the way back the same story. We are going five meters, ten pushing. In general, there practically on foot and back on foot, also the car was pushed. And only when we finally went ashore, a general thought was born: – And why did we take this car with us at all?! ..

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